Pembrokeshire County Council

saves over £100,000 a year

on landline telephony

with the

ESPO Telecom Framework

Pembrokeshire County Council saved 36% when they left BT to move to the new ESPO Telecom Framework

The UK economy has been facing many challenges in these austerity years, but true to form, when we’re up against it, we rise to the challenge – and succeed. Nowhere is this truer than with the impact on the public sector. Local government has many duties to the public, and providing best value for money whilst continuing to deliver and develop services is prominent.  

The call to reduce operating costs and budgets, and maximise efficiency is everywhere. An outstanding example of how to achieve these tough targets is clearly shown by the recent success of Pembrokeshire County Council in partnership with AdEPT Telecom.        

Geographically, Pembrokeshire has similar characteristics to other, mainly rural counties – with pockets of key industrial activity, agriculture and fishing, and is an important tourist destination, with the natural beauty of its countryside and coast. Its population is over 122,000 with an area of 1590 sq km, it is the fifth largest of the 22 counties in Wales. The county has many claims to fame from Pembroke Castle, as birthplace of Henry VII, to Freshwater West as a location for the film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

We all worry about the size of our phone bills – whether, landline, mobile or broadband. Whilst there are many options for home users to change and save money, with large enterprises, such as a local government, it’s not so easy. However, the opportunity to drive out savings on existing landline and broadband estates used by authorities across the UK can be achieved quite easily through a Government supported framework. The new Framework Agreement offers the lowest ever prices for line rental and call charges; including calls to mobiles reducing by over 50%, compared to the previous framework.

It is operated by ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation), and with AdEPT Telecom as the sole recommended supplier, is available to all public sector bodies and registered charities nationwide

Pioneering in Pembrokeshire


In Wales, they have taken the initiative in pioneering this approach, and Pembrokeshire are now saving over £100,000 a year, with no hardware changes, and no ‘technology refresh’ costs to impact capital budgets.

In 2012, six local authorities – including Pembrokeshire County Council - were looking at ways of collaborating, to secure best value for money for long term provision of telephony services, without spending large sums on new infrastructure.

The option to save money on fixed line, and broadband communications services has resulted in considerable savings, with no impact on services to the public.

In fact, this approach has been so successful that neighbouring council Powys County Council is now taking the same route as Pembrokeshire, with others considering this way of meeting stricter budget targets.

Location, location - 375 sites of all types

The complexity of locations that would be directly affected by the transition, included some key and critical public buildings, emergency services and numerous other locations. The type of location varies from

  • conventional public offices,
  • the local hospital
  • emergency telephones,
  • residential care homes,
  • theatres,
  • car parks and
  • public conveniences.

Amongst the list, were less obvious locations, including lifeguard huts, traffic signal controllers and an MOT testing station.

All of these and more were included in the transfer to AdEPT, and Pembrokeshire County Council now has a highly tailored billing and reporting service, with a single, very pro-active single point of contact.

Quick savings from a painless migration


The combined and collaborative approach to find a telecommunications solution that would deliver much needed cost and efficiency savings came about when AdEPT Telecom contacted Pembrokeshire County Council to explain the ESPO Telecom Framework.

After reviewing the ESPO Telecom Framework (Contract 7), and doing a cost-benefit study of the offering, Pembrokeshire County Council decided that this was an immediate answer to the challenges posed by the current economic climate.

Once the contract had been agreed with AdEPT Telecom, the company’s Premier Service Manager took on the work of managing the transition.

The primary objective was to reduce overall costs for the current telephony provision including PSTN, ISDN and broadband services. A key challenge removed by the AdEPT-ESPO solution, was the handling of the changeover from BT.  

Seamless migration and transfer

The migration involved over 1,000 analogue PSTN lines and digital ISDN channels with over 2,000 DDI telephone numbers and over 60 broadband connections, during 2013. The process was quick and simple, with the final ISDN connections completed within a month. Following placing the order, 98.6% of the fixed lines were transferred to AdEPT Telecom to manage within 18 days. Of these some 92% were transferred in less than a fortnight.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s Infrastructure Manager explained that AdEPT’s very pro-active account management has been excellent, as he says:

“Please pass on my thanks to our AdEPT Telecom Premier Service Manager as she’s been an absolute star.”

Migrating from BT to AdEPT, with a single point of contact, with a simple, easy to use billing system, not only dramatically reduced direct costs, but reduced admin and management costs in turn. Using AdEPT services, Pembrokeshire County Council has achieved 6-figure annual savings in their telephone bills.

Now, Pembrokeshire County Council has a single point of contact for all activities, whether that is related to billing, transfers, additional services, or the resolution of any problems or operational incidents.

The AdEPT Telecom Premier Service Manager manages all back office matters.

 Future Opportunities  

With this major success completed, Pembrokeshire County Council and AdEPT are now able to look at other efficiency savings, and operational benefits. The opportunity presented by this major change has freed up staff to look at further efficiencies, upcoming technology challenges, and the way that staff work, and how customers can access council services.

Amongst these additional benefits is the potential use of SIP technology to improve the council’s DR and business continuity practices. The adoption of AdEPT’s highly tailored billing and reporting service has delivered savings in administration and supply chain management and further reduced overall operating costs. 



AdEPT Telecom and the ESPO Telecom Framework

AdEPT Telecom plc are the sole recommended supplier of landline calls, lines, ADSL broadband, super-fast fibre broadband and SIP trunks under the ESPO Telecom Framework (Contract 7).

Saving Money – Fast – Simplifying Procurement

In practice, what this means is that for all of the products and services available under ESPO Telecom Framework, you don’t need to run a separate tender for a supplier. You simply choose the goods/services you want from the Framework, place an order and start saving money earlier.

As sole supplier under ESPO Telecom Framework, AdEPT has demonstrated its clear credentials to deliver low cost solutions that will enable public sector business to meet its operational and financial obligations.

ESPO & Public Sector Framework Agreements

All public sector purchasing needs to comply with Public Sector Buying Regulations, and this requires authorities to either operate a formal tendering process, in compliance with EU Regulations (OJEU). To simplify the process, it is permitted for an EU country to establish a framework, or umbrella agreement, which itself must be the subject of a tendering process under OJEU rules.

The ESPO Telecom Framework is one such agreement, which has been approved under EU (OJEU) and UK regulations, and suppliers have tendered for a place on the approved supplier list. As required by EU rules, ESPO framework pricing is available on a national basis to all public sector customers anywhere in the UK.

ESPO is the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation, and is part of a much larger grouping of local authoritiy procurement organisations called ‘Pro5’, to provide a co-ordinated procurement agency across the UK. ESPO have already evaluated the potential suppliers and prices, and with the ESPO Telecom Framework (Contract 7), AdEPT is providing simple, pre-approved telephony procurement for public sector.


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